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Balanced diet

Eat regularly, at least five times a day. Avoid fast foods. Include legumes once a week in your diet. These are sentences that are still being repeated by nutritionists. But how should a busy adult deal with all the rules and recommendations? We are usually happy when we find time to eat breakfast, when we don’t stumble while running for lunch, and when we don’t fall asleep before dinner. And we should still snack and, ideally, prepare food for the next day. Now you’re thinking we’re probably just kidding. Don’t worry. We can’t make it either. But we made it all a little easier… Why not make your life a little easier, right? So instead of a snack between meals, we open a package of chips. You probably think we lost our minds. However, not all chips are the same.

Let’s take a look at our strips chips. When you cram down the whole package, you get 400 kcal into your body, while at the same time you give your body essential nutrients. And to be honest, each of us can easily stuff down a pack of chips. However, if you choose strips chips, we can talk about real nutrients similar to a slice of chicken with rice. And that’s nice! Do you remember that sentence from your fitness coach that whether you like it or not, whether you like lentils or you can’t even smell them, you just have to eat those legumes? After eating strips chips, you can mark the necessary dose of legumes on your checklist. Choose those made of chickpeas, peas, lentils or beans, so there is no stereotype. Immediately, creating your daily menu becomes more fun!

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