A healthy alternative to fried chips

Our Strips chips are made from legumes, which are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. When you munch the whole package, you get 400 kcal of beneficial nutrients and almost no unhealthy fats and sugars into your body. And to be honest, each of us can easily stuff down a pack of chips. However, if you choose strips chips, we can talk about real nutrients similar to a slice of chicken with rice.

Are great as a snack for everyone with a healthy lifestyle.
You will appreciate them as:

– A tasty snack that you can take anywhere – to school, work or on the road.
– A little something to eat while watching the TV, or whenever you crave something tasty.

– An excellent helper in losing weight or maintaining optimal weight.
– A great source of protein for maintaining muscle mass and regenerating after exercise.



All our products are
100% gluten free.



Vegans don’t eat anything made from animals. All our products are 100% vegan.



We use ingredients that are in harmony with the environment and human health.

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